Great Houghton Parish

Welcome to the Great Houghton Parish website

Our website serves the Parish of Great Houghton and has two main aims:

  • to allow Parish Council documents and information to be easily distributed and made available for everyone to access online;
  • to display information relating to the community in order raise awareness of what is happening within the Parish.

The website aims to offer a useful information resource and to be an online hub for all matters relating to our Parish.

It contains a wealth of information including Parish Council documents, the history of the Parish, information on future events and what is happening right now.  If you find particular pages useful we would encourage you to bookmark them for future reference. Remember to follow us on twitter and join our mailing list for all the latest updates.

We hope you find the website easy to use and that it helps you to keep connected to the activities of the Parish Council and the local community.

Please get in touch if you have any suggestions about how we might improve the website.

About Great Houghton Parish

Great Houghtoin Village SignGreat Houghton sits within the borough boundary of the county town of Northampton, but is far enough away to remain a village surrounded by countryside. This is a position that villagers would wish to be maintained.  Northampton is a developing town that has seen many changes over recent years with regard to employment, population, industry, building and many other aspects. These changes have reflected on the village of Great Houghton, as this appraisal will indicate.

Great Houghton is a village steeped in history. It is mentioned in the ‘Domesday Book’ when it was known as ‘Hohton Magna’ – a good name – such a pity that it was lost. The chapter on history can only give a résumé and whet a person’s appetite for wanting to know more. The entire history would fill a good-sized book. The 20th century brought with it the development of medicines, transportation, communications, essential services to the village.

The village has seen many changes over the course of time. As with most towns and villages the most dramatic changes of face have taken place during the course of the latter part of the 20th century driven by agricultural and industrial needs, plus the advancement of transportation and communitcation technology bringing essential services ot the village.

Parish Council Meetings

(Ordinary Council Meeting dates are the third Tuesday in each month)

We are keen for you to get involved with your Parish Council! We invite you to attend as many meetings as possible so that you can contribute to and influence the development of your local community.

Residents can speak for up to 15 minutes at the beginning of each meeting (no notice needed).They can also speak for 3 minutes on agenda items, however the Clerk needs at least 24 hours notice. You can email the Clerk at:, or send a message via the contact form

Details of the agenda and minutes of the previous meetings will be posted on the village board and also on the  Minutes and Agendas page of the website

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