Commercial Development Proposal North of Bedford Road! WNN/2021/0466

West Northants Council WNC are further consulting on a planning application for commercial development on land north of the Bedford Road (other side) from the hotel all the way along to the Great Houghton High Street junction!

The Parish Council strongly objected to these first proposals in March 2019 as follows and would urge concerned residents to ensure that they submit their responses directly to WNC by the 23 September at the latest.

The plans and proposals can be viewed on the WNC planning website at:


Proposed Employment Scheme
Number of Industrial Units
Land north of Bedford Road – Houghton
Council strongly objects to application – would greatly harm the setting and significance of G
Houghton. – In breach of Conservation Area Appraisal & Management Plan March 2018 –
Development lies in Flood Zone 1 and surface water would increase risk of flooding –
Adverse effect on Nene Regional Park and Special Protection Area SSSI. – Detrimental to
current walking routes and wildlife. –Substantially increase road traffic in area already
congested and increase traffic through village to avoid congestion including HGV’s on roads
unsuitable.- Will increase risk of accidents sat Bedford Road junction.

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