Coronavirus Further Update 7 April 2020

Coronavirus Further Update – Special Measures


NCC Assistance for those with medical or mobility issues

Anyone who cannot leave home due to coronavirus and in need of help from NCC will need to be logged in to ensure they have all the information required and to complete the online form on Northamptonshire County Council’s website (Control & click into this link)  Make a Request for Support.

This can be done by the individual or any volunteer on their behalf and with their permission.

Or alternatively you can call the Customer Service desk on 0300 126 1000 Option 5 and the operator will complete the form for you.

Please Note: The Customer Service desk is open Monday – Friday from 10am until 6.00pm.


Coronavirus effect of Parish Council Meetings

In order to comply with Coronavirus emergency measures, new regulations have now been introduced enabling ‘virtual’ council meetings to take place by way of video conferencing (Zoom)

The Agenda for the Councils video conference that will take place on Tuesday 14 April 2020 from 7.30pm will be posted on our website and noticeboards by Thursday 9 April 2020. Members of the public are entitled to participate in this conference (subject to Agenda item 843/20 Public participation Section).

Anyone wishing to be included in the conference or having any comments or concerns that they wish the council to consider should email same to the Parish Clerk by 5pm on Monday 13 April 2020 at the latest.  Those wishing to be included will receive an emailed invitation to join at the start of the meeting. This will require that you have access to a computer, laptop, IPAD, or smart mobile phone (you do not need to have downloaded the Zoom App).


Coronavirus effect of Waste Collection Services

Residents will be aware that food waste was not collected in the village last Monday 30 March 2020. This was due to staff shortages. Whilst regrettable that the Parish Council did not receive any prior notice, this has now been remedied and daily updates are being provided. You can access these updates on the NBC website at:  Residents should not leave their food bins out on the pavement nor should they dispose of the food waste in any of the other bins. The food bin should be put out again next Monday (subject to any updated advice in the meantime) when hopefully they will be collected.


WI Support for NHS Staff

Further to their recent ‘Save the Planet’ awareness campaign, the WI have launched a ‘THANKS’ campaign asking members and the public to knit and display blue hearts in support of the excellent work and dedication of all of our NHS workers.


#ViralKindness UPDATE

We are aware that unfortunately a number of households did not receive the following ViralKindness leaflet with their Parish News.  We would therefore advise that should anyone have any need of help or support they make contact as directed below and we will ensure that volunteers are informed.


Coronavirus Networking Help & Support

Any resident who may be self-isolating and/or in need of help or advice please feel free to contact the Parish Clerk or any Parish Councillor or Neighbourhood Watch representatives. Contact details can be found in the Parish News.

In addition to our network of Councillors and NHW representatives the council is seeking to extend its emailing network in order to ensure that updates are communicated on a wider basis. If you wish to be party to this networking please forward your email address to the Parish Clerk at;    07936 18756


Village Hopper

Due to impact caused by Coronavirus emergency measures as from Thursday 26th March until further notice the Village Hopper will be operating a Saturday timetable only throughout the week. Please check the timetable on our website (village info tab)


White Hart Public House

The Government has now announced that all pubs and restaurants are to be closed however we have been advised by the White Hart that all villagers can order takeaway meals from their main menu with free delivery.










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