Future Parish Council Meetings

In order to comply with Coronavirus emergency measures, new regulations have now been
introduced enabling ‘virtual’ council meetings to take place by way of video conferencing.
Please access the Agenda for the Councils video conference that will take place on Tuesday 14 April 2020 from 7.30pm. 4 Final Agenda April 14 2020
Members of the public are entitled to participate in this conference (subject to Agenda item 843/20Public participation Section). Anyone wishing to be included in the conference or having any comments or concerns that they wish the council to consider should email same to the Parish Clerk by 5pm on Monday 13 April 2020
at the latest. Those wishing to be included will receive an emailed invitation to join at the start of the meeting. This will require that you have access to a computer, laptop, IPAD, or smart mobile phone.

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