Neighbourhood Development Plan

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Great Houghton Neighbourhood Development Plan Independent Examination

Comments from WNUA – Suggested responses

Comments from Others and suggested responses

Planning applications are determined by the appropriate planning authority which, for the majority of the Parish, is the responsibility of West Northants Unitary Council.

The planning authority is required to consult appropriate organisations and authorities including Great Houghton Parish Council on any planning applications within the Parish.
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Final response WNN-2021-0466 – Land North Bedford Road


Annual Planning Report 2019-2020

Annual Planning 2018 – 2019

FINAL_Representation_Form (1).docx NBC Local Plan 2

Final Representation NBC Local Plan 2 Part 2 Consultation 02.09.20

Village Design Statement

A detailed description of the village as it is today and highlights the qualities valued by its parishioners. It defines its unique character and the important features of its design and history.  It has been written by the parishioners so that local knowledge, informed views and ideas will contribute to the village’s future growth, development and environment. The aim is to ensure that any changes are based on a considered understanding of the village’s past, present and future and that they bring a positive contribution to Great Houghton.

Great Houghton Design Statement. Final Copy

Neighbourhood Plan

The Parish Council have now considered and determined that a neighbourhood plan would put in place planning policy for the neighbourhood to guide future development, which if successful, will become part of the statutory development plan. Such statutory status gives the plan far more weight than other local documents. Such a plan would set out the vision, aims, planning policies and proposals for improving the area or providing new facilities and allocation of key sites for specific kinds of development that would best  address economic, and environmental issues including, housing, design, heritage and transport. The Council has appointed Kirkwells Planning consultants to support the development of the plan and a steering group is being established. For further information please click the following link:



Access to West Northants Strategic Plan
West Northants Stategic Plan – Sep 19 consultation

You can view all individual planning applications on the appropriate planning website through the following links:

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