We Must Stay Safe and Ensure We Follow the COVID Rules


The Parish Council would urge that Great Houghton residents are kept COVID safe and well by ensuring that we all ‘follow the rules’

 Coronavirus Update. Feb 21 docx

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The prime minister has said lockdown measures are “starting to show signs of some effect”, but he has refused to rule out extra restrictions in England.

At PMQs, Boris Johnson said measures were kept under “constant review” after Labour’s Sir Keir Starmer said it was obvious more restrictions were needed.

Mr Johnson added that vaccine centres would move to 24-7 “as soon as we can”.

Under the national lockdown, people in England must stay at home and only go out for limited reasons.

This includes for food shopping, exercise, or work if they cannot do so from home. Similar measures are in place across much of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Later, Mr Johnson told the Commons Liaison Committee there was a “very substantial” risk of intensive care capacity in hospitals being “overtopped”, and appealed to people to follow lockdown rules.

He said the situation was “very, very tough” in the NHS and the strain on staff was “colossal”.


Health Secretary Matt Hancock has urged people to, “stay at home and reduce all social contact that is not absolutely necessary”.

But are people acting on his advice and how does their behaviour compare with previous lockdowns?

What does the data show?

People are leaving their homes more than during the first days of the March lockdown, according to data from several sources.

Apple, Google and the Department for Transport all collect “mobility data”.

Google does it by recording the location histories on people’s mobile devices, while Apple records how many people are asking for directions. The Department for Transport uses different metrics, including traffic cameras and ticket sales.

They then take that data and compare how different it is to a national “baseline” established in early 2020, before the pandemic started


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